Margaret Hux, MSc.

Health Economics and Health Technology
Research Consulting


Supporting Market Access for Medications and other Health Technologies

Selected Publications:

Economic Evaluation Studies

  • Hux M, Zou D, Ma E, Sajosi P, Engstrom A, Selby R, Benson E, Briggs A, Bonthapally V.
    A cost-effectiveness analysis of brentuximab vedotin in relapsed or refractory systemic anaplastic large cell lymphoma.
    Journal of Health Economics and Outcomes Research. 4(2):188-203, 2016.
  • Cestari T, Adjadj L, Hux M, Shimuzu MR, Rives VP.
    Cost effectiveness of a fixed combination of hydroquinone/ tretinoin/ fluocinolone cream compared with hydroquinone alone in the treatment of melasma.
    J Drugs Dermatol. 2007 6(2): 153-60.
  • Gagnon M, Rives B, Hux M, Guilhaume C.
    Cost-effectiveness of Memantine versus standard care in moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease in Canada.
    Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. 2007;52:519–526.
  • Gagnon M, Rives B, Hux M, Cochran J, Guilhaume C.
    Rational choice of treatment strategy in moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease patients living in Canada.
    Value in Health. 2006;9(6):A313.
  • Sibbald RG, Torrance G, Hux M, Attard C, Milkovich N.
    Cost-effectiveness of becaplermin for nonhealing neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers.
    Ostomy Wound Manage. 2003 Nov;49(11):76-84.
  • Drummond MF, Becker DL, Hux MJ, Chancellor JVM, Duprat-Lomon I, Kubin R, Sagnier PP.
    An Economic Evaluation of Sequential IV/PO Moxifloxacin Therapy compared to IV/PO Co-amoxiclav with or without Clarithromycin in the treatment of community acquired pneumonia.
    Chest. 2003. 124: 526-535.
  • O’Brien B.J., Goeree R., Hux M., Iskedjian M., Blackhouse G., Gauthier S, Gagnon M.
    Economic Evaluation of donepezil for the treatment of mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease in Canada.
    Journal of the American Geriatric Society. 47:570-578, 1999.

Policy and Methodologies Studies

  • Li CM, Risebrough NA, Hux M.
    Coverage with evidence development activities around the world: An environment scan.
    Value in Health. 2014 Nov;17(7):A449. doi: 10.1016/j.jval.2014.08.1203
  • Marshall DA, Hux M.
    Design and analysis issues for economic analysis alongside clinical trials.
    Medical Care. 2009 Jul;47(7 Suppl 1):S14-20.
  • Malmenäs M, Lowton K, Morin I, Hux M, Abrahamyan L, Novotny M.
    Analysis of Effectiveness in Patient Registry Data.
    ISPOR Connections. 2009.
  • Iskedjian M, Hux M., Remington G.J.
    Risperidone in Schizophrenia: a Canadian overview.
    Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience. 23(4):229-39, 1997.

Burden of Illness and Utility Studies

  • Hux M, Fraelic A, Bremner S.
    Adoption of targeted therapies in the Canadian oncology landscape: A case study in metastatic melanoma.
    AccessPoint 6(12): 20-23. 2016.
  • Ng C, Ye L, Noorduyn S, Hux M, Thommes E, Goeree R, Ambrose A, Andrew M, Hatchette T, Boivin G, Bowie W, ElSherif M, Green K Johnstone J, et al, McNeil SA on behalf of the Canadian Immunization Research Network (CIRN)
    Serious Outcomes Surveillance Network Investigators and the Toronto Invasive Bacterial Diseases Network (TIBDN) Investigators. Resource Utilization and Cost of Influenza Requiring Hospitalization in Canadian Adults:
    A Study from the Serious Outcomes Surveillance Network of the Canadian Immunization Research Network. Vaccine. In submission.
  • Hux M, Ng C, Lozano-Ortega G, Ferrazzi S, Goeree R.
    Utility values for pre-menopausal women suffering from symptomatic uterine fibroids.
    Expert Rev Pharmacoecon Outcomes Res. 2014 Oct 4:1-9.
  • Rundek T, Nielsen K, Phillips S, Johnston KC, Hux M, Watson D; GAIN Americas Investigators.
    Health care resource use after acute stroke in the Glycine Antagonist in Neuroprotection (GAIN) Americas trial.
    Stroke. 2004 Jun;35(6):1368-74. Epub 2004 Apr 29.
  • Asplund K, Ashburner S, Cargill K, Hux M, Lees K, Drummond M for the GAIN International Investigators.
    Health care resource use and stroke outcome.
    International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 19:2, 267-77, 2003.
  • Feldman H, Gauthier S, Hecker J, Vellas B, Hux M, Emir B, Subbiah P, Mastey V.
    Improved health outcomes with donepezil in moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease are associated with economic benefits. Neurobiology of Aging supplement.
    Associated with 8th International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders, 2002.
  • Attard CL, Kohli MA, Coleman S, Bradley C, Hux M, Atanackovic G, Torrance GW.
    The burden of illness of severe nausea and vomiting of pregnancy in the United States.
    (Am J Obstet Gynecol 2002;186:S220-7.
  • Hux M.J., O’Brien B.J., Iskedjian M., Goeree R., Gagnon M., Gauthier S.
    Relationship between Severity of Alzheimer’s Disease and Costs of Caring.
    Canadian Medical Association Journal. 159:457-65, 1998.

Epidemiology Studies and Literature Reviews

  • Yoshida EM, Fischer A, Mason A, Shah H, Peltekian KM, Hux M, Thiele SL, Borrelli R.
    Prevalence of primary biliary cholangitis in Canada: First national study.
    Journal of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology, 1(1) 344-345. 2018.
  • Ho C, Tran K, Hux M, Sibbald G, Campbell K.
    Artificial skin grafts in chronic wound care: a meta-analysis of clinical efficacy and a review of cost-effectiveness.
    [Technology report no 52]. Ottawa: Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment; 2005.
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